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Woven Lashing Strap

-Cord Lash/Woven Lashing Strap/One Way Lashing Strap
32mm x 2000daN
32mm x 2300daN
38mm x 3500daN
40mm x 5000daN
50mm x 5000daN
50mm x 7500daN

-Cord Lash/Woven Lashing Strap/One Way Lashing Strap

-32MM Woven One Way Lashing Strap

-38MM Woven One Way Lashing Strap

-40MM Woven One Way Lashing Strap

-50MM Woven One Way Lashing Strap

-One Way Bukle

-Polyester one way lashing strap.It is made from 100% high tenacity polyester yarn with high tensile strength, the alternative to expensive multi-way straps, complex wooden crates,binding wires and sharp-edged steel strapping.

Safer and less damaging to cargo than steel alternatives

Fast and safe way to secure cargo

Woven is designed to eliminate splitting and remain perfectly easy to work


Polyester one way lashing strap are suitable for all light and heavy packaging, securing large items and awkward loads in various applications and sectors, these straps can effective alternative to steel strapping and part of chain.Common industries that benefit from high-quality interal container lashing straps include Steel Tube,Aluminum Ingot, Motor,Wood,Pallet,Cartons, Mining and Resources, Oil and Gas, Offshore and Marine, Freight Forwarding, Logistics Packing and other packing.

Code No.Width/MMLiner Breaking StrengthLength/Bag/M
GACL132032MM2,000 daN250M
GACS133032MM2,300 daN250M
GACS162838MM2,000 daN250M
GACS164238MM2,300 daN200M
GACS165540MM3,500 daN200M
GACS194750MM2,000 daN250M
GACS196250MM5,000 daN150M
GACS257850MM7,500 daN150M