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G80 and G100 Chain Sling

G80 and G100 Chain Sling
Size: 4mm to 32mm
Legs: 1 leg, 2 legs, 3 legs, 4 legs
Acessory: Eye Hook, Clevis Hook, Safety Hook, Swivel Hook


G80 Short Link Chain

G80 Alloy AcessoryG80 Chain Sling
G100 Short Link ChainG100 Alloy AcessoryG100 Chain Sling

Do not exceed rating capacity! To be used for industrial lifting only!

Use of Chain Slings

  • Keep a register of all slings in use

  • Never lift with a twisted chain

  • Chain slings should be shortened with a shortening hook, never by knotting

  • Protect the chain against sharp edges by sufficient padding

  • Never point load a hook - the load should always seat correctly in the bowl of the hook

  • Always use the correct size sling for the load, allowing for the included angle and the possibility of unequal loading

  • The master link should always be able to move freely on the crane hook

  • Avoid shock loading at all times

  • Avoid severe sling angles, use protection over sharp or rough edges


Maintenance of Chain Slings

  • Chains should be inspected prior to use

  • Periodic use through examination must be carried out at least every 12 months or more frequently according to statutory regulations, type and frequency of use

  • Chains with bent links or with cracks or gouges in the link should be replaced, as should deformed components such as bent master links, opened up hooks and any fitting showing signs of damage


Basic Rules for safe lifting

  • Always know the weight of the load you are going to lift

  • Select the correct slings for the lift

  • Avoid severe sling angles, use protection over sharp or rough edges

  • Make sure area and destination for load are clear before lifting

  • Always use dunnage so that slings are removed without damage

  • report any damage

  • Store slings in clean, dry areas correctly

Note: When chain is choked it is de-rated 20%