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10,600lbs Roundsling

-Synethetic Round Sling ASME/ANSI B.30.9
Size: 4" X 10,6000LBS
Color: Brown
SF: 5:1
Effective Working Length: 3’ to 30'
Brand: GANDA or OEM

-Synethetic Round Sling ASME/ANSI B.30.9

4" X 10,600LBS

GANDA (G&A) Round slings are a type of synthetic lifting sling that are typically made from 100% polyester material. Synthetic Round slings are some of the most common pieces of rigging equipment that you’ll find at any job site because they’re strong enough to support heavy loads, yet are extremely versatile and can be used effectively for a variety of different applications.

Round slings are popular in construction and other general industries because they offer the following advantages compared to traditional wire rope slings or alloy chain slings:

Inexpensive and lightweight design makes them attractive to almost any industry or lifting application

Made of soft, flexible materials that grip and mold to the shape of irregular loads

Strong enough to lift heavy loads but will protect expensive and delicate loads from scratching and crushing

A variety of materials, construction, and specifications can tailor synthetic web slings to almost any lifting application

Constructed from non-sparking and non-conductive fibers, so they can be used in explosive atmospheres

Here are some best practices to keep your synthetic roundslings in great condition:

Keep your synthetic roundslings off of the ground and store them in a cool, dry, and dark environment.

Avoid continued exposure to extreme hot or cold temperatures and store them away from direct sunlight and UV exposure to prevent loss of strength.

Keep your synthetic roundslings clean. Continual exposure to dust, dirt, and moisture can degrade the materials over time and shorten the life expectancy of the product.

Do not store your synthetic roundslings in a chemically active environment. Chemically active environments can affect the strength of the polyester synthetic roundslings in varying degrees, ranging from little to total degradation. Consult your synthetic roundsling manufacturer before using your synthetic roundslings in a chemically active environment.

Synthetic roundslings should not be used at temperatures in excess of 194° F / 90° C, or at temperatures below -40°F / -40° C.

Use edge protection or barriers to prevent cutting of the polyester jacket and yarn core when lifting materials with edges.

Always contact your synthetic roundsling manufacturer with any questions or concerns about maintaining, storing, and protecting your synthetic roundsling equipment.

Proper inspection of your synthetic roundslings for damage or irregularities, prior to each use, is the best way to help keep everybody on the job site safe. Keep in mind that you’re planning to lift valuable and expensive equipment, and if a failure were to occur, it would not only cause unnecessary equipment repair costs and costly down time, but also potentially jeopardize the lives of workers on site.


Working Load Limit




0°-7°7°-45°  45°-60°  Up to 45°   45°-60°
 1.0 0.82.0  1.4 1.0 0.7 0.5
GARS-US-2 Green53004240106007420530037102650
GARS-US-3 Yellow8400168001176011760840058804200
GARS-US-4 Brown10600848021200148401060074205300
GARS-US-5 Red132001056026400184801320092406600
GARS-US-6 Blue1680013440336002352016800117608400
GARS-US-7 Orange21200169604240029680212001484010600
GARS-US-8 Orange25000200005000035000250001750012500
GARS-US-10 Orange40000320008000056000400002800020000
GARS-US-11 Orange5300042400106000
GARS-US-12 Orange660005280013200092400660004620033000
GARS-US-13 Orange9000072000180000126000900006300045000